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Where to start when remodeling your home

Making the decision to remodel your home is an exciting time! You might have pinterest boards stocked or folders of images saved on instagram for inspo . But how do you decide what exactly to implement? There are so many options and price points, how do you make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck, not getting too swept up in trends and making decisions that will still seem cool in 5 years? And where do you start-- with a contractor, with a designer, at home depot?? Read on for some tips to start you off in the right direction so that you can make the most of your home renovation and end up with a timeless, functional space that you love.


The first consideration is your budget. If there is no budget, great-- you may proceed to the next step ;-) If a budget is involved, determine what you can allocate to the entire project including materials, a contractor, and a designer. Be up front about this number when meeting with your contractor so that you are on the same page and the scope of the project and budget are in alignment. You might not know what typical project costs are so this might need to be fine tuned as you are getting bids from contractors. Be aware that costs can increase along the way so it's wise to leave a little wiggle room in the budget. Many homeowners decide once the project has kicked off they would like to increase the scope or splurge on some higher-end finishes.


What exactly is going to be done in this project? If renovating a kitchen, are you moving walls and rearranging the whole space for a studs-out remodel or just replacing countertops and painting cabinets? Determine the scope so that you can get the most accurate bids from contractors.


A designer can help with the project from conception on. If working with a limited budget, they can help determine which updates will be the most impactful and what could be skipped. They can help with space planning and determining overall project vision. It's best to engage a designer before the big decisions start. A designer can collaborate with you on all your visions and ideas and ensure your home is looking classic, timeless, and drop dead gorgeous when your project is complete. If you don't have much of a vision in mind, your designer can provide inspiration and guidance. Choose a designer who's style resonates with you. Don't be afraid to ask for references or to see a portfolio!


Ideally, get several bids from contractors to compare prices. In the wood river valley where contractors can be VERY booked up, sometimes the best you can get is one or two bids. You will be working closely with the contractor throughout the renovation process so it's important that you trust them, like working with them, and feel there is good, open communication. Once you have selected your contractor and agreed upon a scope and budget, the project can begin.


This is the fun part! Your designer will listen to your ideas and present a vision for the look of your home. At this point you might even determine the majority of the project-- all the tile, wood, carpet, wallpaper, lighting, even custom pillows and drapes! Depending on your preference and timing of the project, this can also be accomplished in stages starting with the main hard surfaces and honing in on the smaller details as the project moves along.


As your project begins, your designer will be with you every step of the way. They will be available for updates or additions to the finish selection and to consult on decisions that come up along the way.


As your project continues, your designer can present a plan for furnishing your new space. They can supply custom furniture that will be the perfect compliment, deck the beds out in gorgeous custom bedding, have custom window coverings made, and even stock your kitchen with fresh kitchenware and style your shelves with the perfect accessories.


Ready to get your renovation project rolling? Reach out via our form here to schedule a project consultation!

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