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What to expect working with us 

Here at Allison Paige Interior Design we value our partnerships with builders and architects. We execute projects with a team mindset- our goal is to make our clients' vision come to life as efficiently and fluidly as possible. Yes, we're designers-- of course we have bold ideas and opinions ;-)  But we are always open to input from our contractor partners and open to modifying proposed designs when presented with satisfactory alternatives. Allison comes from a construction management background and has a thorough understanding of construction techniques, methodology and vocabulary. 


What to expect working with us

  • Commitment to collaborate with our architect and contractor partners.

  • Responsiveness to our partners in a timely manner. We want to keep everything moving along as efficiently as possible. 

  • Established principal designer with 25 years of experience. This experience contributes to an expertise and confidence that positively impacts a project and inspires trust from clients.

  • Adaptability across styles- we would describe our aesthetic as warm, timeless, and heavy on natural surfaces. We don't have one specific look but are able to provide beautiful designs that appeal to many different clients, from an elevated version of mountain modern to a more traditional lean.

  • Project management + drafting support- our team includes a drafter and project manager to keep the project supported and organized. 

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